About Us

Get Lottery was created to provide an easy way to play lottery draws for a lower cost than you'll get from buying tickets from a shop. Our lottery syndicates are simple to join and fun to play!

Why play in a syndicate?

  • More chance of winning (get multiple draw entries for whichever games you are interested in)
  • Cheaper to play (share the ticket cost with other players)
  • According to the National Lottery, syndicates win 20% of the top prizes on average

A syndicate is a group of players who share the cost and the winnings of one or more lottery tickets. Get Lottery take care of all the organisation and payment aspects of running a syndicate, and leave you to choose which draws you want to enter, and how you'll spend any winnings!

2 out of 3 syndicates are work-based, but with a lot of people now working from home, organising and running a syndicate with colleagues can become difficult. Get Lottery allow you to take advantage of the benefits of playing in a syndicate, without needing to collect money from colleagues, organise a syndicate manager etc. Our syndicates are limited to a maximum of 50 players each, and you can join and leave whenever you wish.

Any low value cash prizes you win using Get Lottery will be automatically boosted by us into lots of EuroMillions Lucky Dips - giving you even more chances to play and win. Don't worry, higher value cash prizes will still be given as cash and can be deposited straight into your UK bank account!